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With this eighth edition, the VERON Champagne Guide reaches its maturity and imposes its originality.

Faithful to its original concept, which consists in refusing to classify and mark the selected champagnes in order not to reduce them to vulgar consumer goods of which performance could be measured, it continues to develop in accordance with its editorial line.

The 91 Champagnes selected in this VERON Champagnes Guide 2018 thanks to the numerous tastings, in total independence, offer you the opportunity to travel directly in the heart of the Champagne area, to discover the infinite wealth of it, which enabled it to enter into the UNESCO World Heritage on 4 July 2015.

A source of fascinating encounters with professionals from Champagne (producers, wine growers and cellar masters), this book is a testimony to the extraordinary creativity of the Champenois, whose ancestral expertise, constantly reinvented, constitutes a true cultural heritage.

The VERON Champagnes Guide, a guide in the service of the Champagne area and the wines from Champagne

The VERON Champagnes Guide was created to highlight high quality Champagnes, providing an intense tasting pleasure. These Champagnes represent a terroir or a true expertise, or a true passion. They are the fruit of a considered approach.

Here, no ranking, no hierarchy, no mark, no blind tasting, intended to reassure the reader and be a proof of honesty and exactitude. How to rank a pleasure, a feeling? No, only selections translating emotions felt by tasters who actually have as much information as possible about the tasted Champagne, to better understand it as a whole.

The VERON Champagnes Guide is an ambitious project which is intended to highlight the wines from Champagne and the Champagne area, through its diversity.

Jury’s choices are completely free and independent.

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