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Avec l’édition 2017, le Guide VERON des Champagnes monte en gamme.

Ce guide des champagnes est avant tout un ouvrage indispensable qui accompagne l’amateur de champagnes dans sa découverte de l’infinie richesse de la Champagne à travers les 92 cuvées sélectionnées.

An inevitable Guide, a unique concept; Between pleasure and emotion

This Champagnes Guide is above all an essential book that accompanies the amateur of Champagnes in his discovery of the infinite wealth of the Champagne area through the 92 selected cuvées.

The VERON Champagnes Guide, a guide in the service of the Champagne area ans the wines from Champagne

The VERON Champagnes Guide was created to highlight high quality Champagnes, providing an intense tasting pleasure. These Champagnes represent a terroir or a true expertise, or a true passion. They are the fruit of a considered approach.

Here, no ranking, no hierarchy, no mark, no blind tasting, intended to reassure the reader and be a proof of honesty and exactitude. How to rank a pleasure, a feeling? No, only selections translating emotions felt by tasters who actually have as much information as possible about the tasted Champagne, to better understand it as a whole.

The VERON Champagnes Guide is an ambitious project which is intended to highlight the wines from Champagne and the Champagne area, through its diversity.

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