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Champagne Collet – Esprit Couture

Around 145 euros per bottle

Mythical Champagne

Champagne Collet - Esprit Couture

Splendid bottle, handmade original creation.



Remarkable finesse of bubbles.

Scattered bead of bubbles, refined.


Sensual procession of touching perfumes.

Generous aromas of red and black fruits, puntuated by spices, signatures of the black varietals (50% of Pinot Noir and 10% of Meunier).

Later, the Chardonnay (40%) gradually establishes its elegance, between scents of white fruits, citrus and exotic fruits, enhanced by an iodized breath.

The fabulous maturity takes us at last, with its scents of honey and pastries, delicately roasted, result of the patient ageing on laths of the bottles (8 years) in deep century-old cellars of the House, dug into the chalk in Aÿ, before riddling on rack and manual disgorgement (on the spot).


Heady balance from the opening, served by the silky effervescence.

The mouth becomes soft, sensual and deep, thanks to the accurate dosage with 7.5 g/L of sugar added at disgorgement.

Tasty finish, barely spicy, supported by an accurate freshness and a touching minerality.

Fabulous length on the palate.

With this cuvée Esprit Couture, Sébastien Walasiak, cellar master of the Champagne House Collet, was able to select with care, in 2006, ten terroirs among the Premiers and Grands Crus, to vinify them separately, to sign a captivating Champagne, and offer us a moment of grace, delicate and magnificent.

Ideal to accompany gourmet meals, with a wing of pheasant and black truffles, for example.

Gathering 750 passionate wine growers in Aÿ, the Champagne House Collet, oldest cooperative of Champagne (coopérative générale des vignerons de la Champagne délimitée – COGEVI) put its dynamism in the service of the Champagne area since 1921. A selection of the best terroirs (mostly in Premiers and Grands Crus), carefully vinified in small volumes, gives birth to a range of high level Champagnes, translation of the champenois diversity.

Champagne Collet

14 boulevard Pasteur

CS 30008

51 160 Aÿ

Tel. : +33 (0)3 26 55 15 88