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Champagne Rogge Cereser – Cuvée Réserve


Carte Passy-Grigny

1 impasse des Bergeries
51 700 Passy-Grigny
Tel. : +33 (0)3 26 52 96 05



Around 14 euros per bottle

Original and luxurious bottle with generous forms.


Golden and bright.
Fine bubbles.
Delicate corolla of bubbles, persistent after service of the flute.


Radiant and endless aromatic compilation.
Scents of candied red and black fruits coupled with delicate spices (liquorice, cinnamon and pepper), sensual signatures of the black varietals (50% of Meunier and 35% of Pinot Noir), gently interlace touches of white fruits, citrus fruits and peach supported by a mentholated breath, characteristic signs of the Chardonnay (15%).


Marked opening, obtained by the rigorous selection of the first juices (cuvée and cœur de cuvée) during the soft pressing of the grapes, highlighted by the tasty minerality of the Passy-Grigny terroir.
Beautiful, gourmet and creamy presence, thanks to the judicious fulfilment of the malolactic fermentation of the base wines and to the addition of 8 g/L of grape sugar during the dosage.
Finally, we find again the tasty red fruits already perceived at the nose, coupled with a touch of caramel and underlined by the silky effervescence.
Great length on the palate.

For this Cuvée Réserve with a very good value for money, Benjamin Rogge, its producer, orchestrates with sensitivity the meeting of varietals and vintages with 12% of reserve wines in continuous blending according to the principle of solera, to reach the right balance.
Ideal from aperitif to meal, with a venison loin, carrots and candied quinces, for example.

Established in Passy-Grigny since 1982, the Champagne house Rogge Cereser has been perpetuating the family traditions of friendliness, both for its La Colleterie guestrooms and for the reception in its new facilities. Driven by a real desire to reduce the environmental footprint, Benjamin Rogge guides with dynamism and creativity the brand created by his parents in 1997, between plantation of ancient varietals and ageing in barrels, to craft each year around 75,000 bottles of authentic champagnes.

Champagne Rogge Cereser - Cuvée Réserve